Caps Rock

When I first learned my letters I remember being fascinated with the capital/lowercase concept.  Two versions of the same letter to use at different times, one clearly more important than the other.  If something merited a capital letter then it was special.  I understood why you capitalized someone’s name, but didn’t quite get why the first word in each sentence was so important (I expressed this a few years ago in a bit more sarcastic approach).  And then I realized if you use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in a sentence it was like shouting, but without speaking.  I was easily impressed back then.  Still am now that I think about it.

Then I got to thinking about numbers.  Numbers are just as important as letters, right?  How come numbers only get one size and shape?  How come the first number in a sequence doesn’t get any special treatment? 

So, at the age of sevenish, I set out to right this injustice by creating the first capital numbers.  As I recall, all I did was just press down really hard with my pencil.  Essentially, I discovered how to bold something before being exposed to Microsoft Word.  So for a while I wrote all my numbers really dark and really big because I didn’t want them to feel left out.

I’m not sure why all that popped in my head this morning, but it was fun going back and thinking about it.  Hope you enjoyed another little glimpse into my mind as a child.



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4 Responses to “Caps Rock”

  1. Popgun Says:

    I always wondered why you wrote numbers so dark…


  2. JonDecker Says:

    I had a number of comments regarding this post, but I figured many would statistically count on me to add something constructive and not subtract from the formula of your wit with negative input.

  3. Ali Says:


  4. itsroomieinhere Says:

    I agree with you. We need capital numbers. The closest we currently have to that are the subtle differences in the way people tend to write numbers. Some people write a 1 as a straight line and nothing else. Others go so far as to add the downward tick and the underline. That is kind of like a capital 1. Then you also have the number 2. Seen here is the traditional, – and in my opinion, the more capital – version, but some people enjoy making that little loop instead of going with the underline at the bottom. That version seems to me like the more casual approach. The last capital number I can think of is the number 7. When you really want to get serious about this number, consider adding a small straight line across the middle of the 7’s vertical line. Oh, and some people put a slash through their zeros to distinguish them from the letter O. But that is just ridiculous.

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