I ♥ NY (And Analogies)

It’s funny how your opinion of something can change over time.  I remember when I was around 13 I got my first electric razor.  This is a big step in a young man’s life.  About once a week when the time came, I’d announce to the world at large (way before Facebook status updates), “I’m going to shave now!!  ‘Cause, you know, I have to shave.  ‘Cause I’m a man.”  About 30 seconds later, I was ready to kill a grizzly bear with my bare hands and raw masculinity.

Nowadays, forget it.  It’s a nuisance and something I put off as long as possible.  Seriously, God.  Did man really need hair on his neck, some of the most sensitive skin on the body?  Methinks not.

The new just wears off certain things with exposure.  Some faster than others.  You don’t always feel your point of view changing.  You just wake up one day and realize that it has. It happens with stages of life, where you live, who you love.  Everything.  For me, New York City has been a series of ups and downs in this way.  Some days I can’t imagine being anywhere else, others I wonder what I was ever thinking moving back.

I think living here parallels quite nicely with a budding romantic relationship.  The inital exhilarating fall into love is very much like the tourist phase, when everything about that person amazes you and you hear yourself saying things like, “I just love the way she eats her broccoli.  It’s so cute.”

Fortunately, the amazement phase is a short one.  You’re still amazed by them but it’s more in deep appreciation than constant surprise.  As you settle into the relationship you find yourself getting so familiar with them that you function together seamlessly, able to anticipate each other’s feelings and actions.  In the same way that I automatically knew to leave a little early this morning because it was raining and the trains would probably be running slow.  

This city pisses me off to no end sometimes.  It’s chaotic and it has taken me hours to accomplish things that would only take 30 minutes if I just had a car or a Wal-Mart.  The crowds, the nasty summers, the constant assault on the senses.  But I choose to stay, because this city also has things and people I love and wonder if I can ever live without.  For every sweat-soaked wait for a train, there’s a gorgeous view and another park to play in.  And for every time someone you’re with infuriates you, there’s every time they make you feel alive.  And hey, she still looks cute when she eats her broccoli.

I guess the goal here is to keep things in perspective.  Something being broken-in isn’t the same as it being broken.  Be it relationships or residences. 

Happy Monday everyone.

– J


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15 Responses to “I ♥ NY (And Analogies)”

  1. Popgun Says:

    Yep, and we love our dog even though he ate the furniture. And you haven’t lived until you’ve seen tennis-ball-colored poop. Because he eats the fuzz off his tennis balls.


  2. Ali Says:

    I have a few thoughts.

    Thought the first: I am most amazed, I think, by how many different facets the city has. This weekend, three blocks felt like three entirely different worlds, each with its own charms and idiosyncracies. New York is a city that must be experienced and lived block by block, because if you simply look at it as a place to go you miss more than you could imagine.

    Thought the second: In the future, should you be again overcome by your raw masculinity after shaving, I would encourage you to retain the razor in your grizzly-wrangling adventures. If you complain about shaving your face, imagine what that poor furry fool would think.

    Thought the third: I’m never playing tennis with Popgun.

    Thought the fourth: “Something being broken-in isn’t the same as it being broken.” — I really love the way you put that.

  3. J Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Ali! Btw, that was post 200 if anyone cares.

  4. JonDecker Says:

    I’m working on a new header for your blog. Something a bit more colorful and theme specific.

  5. Popgun Says:

    He has a theme? I want a theme!


  6. Popgun Says:

    Ali- actually, I don’t play tennis, but Rascal plays with tennis balls. If you ever meet him, just don’t wear a yellow sweater.


  7. JonDecker Says:

    I could sketch something up for you too, if you want, though I’d have to go figure out your theme first. In other words, if you could summarize the purpose of your blog in a single sentence what would it be?

  8. Popgun Says:

    Hi, Jon;
    Thank you for your kind offer.
    I’m not sure I can define it in one sentence. But I will try to do it in two:

    Belligerant East Texas curmudgeon criticizes insane and corrupt upper management in a world gone mad, by application of a moral code and devastating logic.

    Other topics include the philosophy of concealed carry and self defense, personal humerous anecdotes, and reviews of computer technology.

    How’d I do?

    – Popgun

  9. JonDecker Says:

    I’ve got a graphic idea ready… I’ll sketch something up on the plane tonight…

  10. Popgun Says:

    I look forward to it!


  11. JonDecker Says:

    Here’s the header I came up with for Popgun. Use it if you want, Popgun.

  12. JonDecker Says:

    addendum… The file framing was the wrong size originally so if you already tried it, try again… same link.

  13. missywilky Says:

    pretty sure this very morning as i was emerging from the grand central terminal i thought: i’m done with this city. why do we even still live here?

    if i never had to commute to work a day in my life again here (or at least not during rush hours), i’d probably never have a negative thought. okay that’s not true. i still would, but my hatred for the human race between 830-9a & 530-6p would greatly diminish.

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