Proof I’m Always Right

Copied this from the results of a left/right brain dominance app on my iPhone. Don’t usually go for this kind of stuff, but I liked this for whatever reason. Plus it’s 7:30 in the morning, I’m on the train and uncaffeinated. I’m allowed to be random.


HOLISTIC. RANDOM. CONCRETE. INTUITIVE. NON VERBAL. FANTASY ORIENTED. If you have a Right Hemisphere Dominance, you process information from whole to parts: you don’t pay attention to details but look instead at the big picture. You don’t adapt well to fixed schedules or rules: you like to manage your own time and enjoy doing many things at the same time. You learn best with pictures, diagrams, charts, and videos, and are good at talking about your feelings and interpreting other people’s emotions. Sometimes you may know that something is right and not know why: you just know it, and therefore you are great at seeing through lies or tricks. You are impulsive and very expressive, and probably are a dreamer. You are best at social activities and have a special quality for artistic endeavours such as music or creative activities.

Not a bad summary of the ol’ J.

Happy weekend!




4 Responses to “Proof I’m Always Right”

  1. Popgun Says:

    Whereas, I’m left brain dominant. Which probably explains some things.


  2. Ali Says:

    This really is scary-accurate for you.

    Are you left-handed?

  3. JonDecker Says:

    Yay! a post!

  4. Aaron Blakeley Says:

    Hey man welcome to the right brain club.

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