I Want Confetti. And a Pony.

Ah HA!  I kept from going a whole month without a post by a day.  I win for life.  Or at least for this moment that I’ve chosen to brag on myself for a menial accomplishment. 

Seems like every year July sneaks up on me.  I brace myself for January so I’m fully aware when it arrives.  Heck, we throw it a welcoming party.  I happily accept March since the year is in full swing.  I take in every day of cool weather as Spring beings to uncoil itself and then BAM.  July is about to become August and I still haven’t done anything of merit.  Except for never going a month without an update, of course.

On the same train of thought, I can’t possibly tell you how I woke up this morning approaching 30.  Or what I’ve accomplished so far.  Or even what exactly it is I have left to do. 

Okay, okay.  That’s way too deep for a Tuesday.  Tuesday’s are depressing enough on their own without me adding serious, introspective questions to the mix.  We can ponder the meaning of life and how to prove one has been successful another time.  A Thursday perhaps. 

See you in no more than 30 days (or your money back),

– J



4 Responses to “I Want Confetti. And a Pony.”

  1. TexanNewYorker Says:

    HOORAY! Just when I was about to shrivel up and cry from lack of Jasonian wit.

  2. JonDecker Says:

    And I was concerned because not-posting came so easily to me. Who knew it could be a life goal? Do something contributive (not a word) for the community. Go vote on the dang poster titles and get involved. Jean’s winning so far.


  3. Aaron Blakeley Says:

    Mondays are the first days of the week and thus hated so most people observe the no serious talk on Mondays. Few people observe Tuesday as the most serious day of the week I am impressed you knew that.

  4. Jean Says:

    I totally won a contest that I didn’t event intend to enter. W00t.

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