I’ll Name Her Photoshop

And God looked down and saw that J needed to be amused on a Friday morning.  And it was so.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the Zedonk.

She’s wearing striped genes.

– J

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5 Responses to “I’ll Name Her Photoshop”

  1. Popgun Says:

    Actually, that’s not Photoshop. I checked with our resident zoologist, and she and her husband have been looking for a Zebra to breed with their donkeys to get one of these.


  2. Ali Says:

    I don’t care if it’s photoshopped or not. . .

    Adorableness is adorableness, and this makes my day!

    (A day that really needed a little levity, too.)

    Thanks J!

  3. Ali Says:


    You didn’t tell me she was from *Dahlonega*! I’ll have to go see her while I’m home!

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