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Just Another Mundane Monday

December 13, 2010


Every time I hear a soldier in a movie scream “INCOMING!!!” I secretly hope that on the other side of the battlefield there was another soldier who screamed “OUTGOING!!!”.

What?  It’s Monday before 9:00AM.  You expected quality humor?

– J

Another Novel Idea

December 7, 2010

It’s been said that everyone has one great novel inside them.  Being contrary by nature, I do not.  I do however have several titles of novels and other books inside me.

She’s Got Away With Words
“A collection of Dear John letters from men around the world”

An Inconvenient Tooth
“Wisdom teeth and other areas of the body which God could have worked a little harder on”

And the Rest, is Mystery
“A scientific study of the discovery and evolution of narcolepsy”

Chicken Soup for the Seoul
“A biography recounting a group of missionaries and their attempts to bring food and religion to the impoverished in South Korea”

Do Bees Even Have Knees?
“Common turns of phrase that probably made your childhood more difficult than it had to be”

It’s All His Fault
“A reference guide to assist in blaming every single bad thing that happens in your life on either George W. Bush or Barack Obama”

It’s All His Fault
“Real estate complications in the San Andreas area”

Graceful Exits
“Knowing when to end blog a post before annoying your readers.”

– J