Just Another Mundane Monday


Every time I hear a soldier in a movie scream “INCOMING!!!” I secretly hope that on the other side of the battlefield there was another soldier who screamed “OUTGOING!!!”.

What?  It’s Monday before 9:00AM.  You expected quality humor?

– J

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3 Responses to “Just Another Mundane Monday”

  1. Ali Says:

    I’ve always (not so secretly) wanted to *scream* “INCOMING!”. . .

    Also, “Break to engage”, “Switching to missiles,” and (of course), “FIRE!”

    But mostly, “INCOMING!”

    Out of curiosity–what train (of) thought led to that particular bit of insight at such an hour of a Monday morning?

    • J Says:

      I had the thought last week sometime. I’m not sure what train I took to get there exactly, but I feel certain it transferred at hearing the word “incoming” somewhere.

  2. Popgun Says:

    Kind of reminds me of when I taught you to drive… Oh, that was “Oncoming!”


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