Name Game

I need your help.  This idea may very well go over like a screen door on a submarine, but I trust you guys.  Y’all probably like submarines and would not want said submersed vessel to sink like a rock.  Right?  So if this doesn’t work, I’ll be forced to put a screen door in place of the standard air-tight entry hatch.  It’s a really nice submarine.  The interior is very homey and the outer hull is a pleasant color blue with white accents.  I would like to paint a smiley face on the front end, when and if I have the time.  And the sooner you save it, the sooner I’ll stop abusing this tired, old analogy.

So it’s a new year, new me, etc etc.  So let’s start this party off with some honesty.

I have grown to hate “The Rambling J – The Life and Times of a Hillbilly Yankee“.  I don’t ramble much, I am named J, but “Hillbilly Yankee” doesn’t quite fit me.  I was never much of a Hillbilly to begin with, and I became a Mets fan after being brainwashed by Roomie.  So I’m looking for suggestions, inspirations and/or donations to benefit a new name for this corner of the internet.  Some of you have been reading for a while, some are newer, some just laugh at how I assume I have more than 15 readers.  Either way my blog needs a new name.  Any assistance and input you can provide would be very welcome.

C’mon guys.  Do it for the submarine!  And the analogies!!

– J


13 Responses to “Name Game”

  1. Ali Says:

    I have a few thoughts here, and shall present them in my usual style because I refuse to kowtow to segues.

    1. Yay! Blue!

    2. Personally, I’d be more amused to see the smiley face on the back end of a submarine.

    3. Yay! Blog!

    4. I like the idea of the name change, mostly because “Yankee” was a word that was not allowed when I was growing up. (My mother found it derogatory, deragotory, or some spelling variation thereof.)

    5. I’m willing to contribute whatever comes to mind (um, clearly, with no editing whatsoever), but when Erika and I went through her blog name change, it was a long process filled with many “Um, no, Ali.” responses.

    6. Hey! Erika should help with this!

    7. What if the water wasn’t very deep? If I recall correctly (mostly from my in-depth (ha!) research watching “Operation Petticoat” and “Down Periscope”), most of the time the hatches are on top of the boat/ship/analogy. I believe most sailors would find a screen door offers a refreshing breeze through aforesaid homey interior.

    8. It’s 1pm? Eeek! Have to run before I can get to an even ten.

    9. Except for those pesky neuroses.

    10. Hey, no one said you had to read all of them.

  2. popgun Says:

    Well, “The Wandering J” crossed my mind, but that might be too misleading ethnically.


    • Lindsey Says:

      It stands to reason, then, that he could also be “The Wondering J . . .”

      (and then for giggles and grins add something like ” . . . Trying to navigate life in NYC without a Twitter.”)


  3. TexanNewYorker Says:

    J by J –
    The Intersection of 7th Avenue and FM 449

    J at Random –
    Natural Texan; Nurtured New Yorker

    I Hate Cyclists –
    Rants, Raves, and Ridiculousness by J

    Slip, THUD!
    And Other Funny Stories

    And if Ali ever moves to California and starts sporadically blogging about old episodes of Fraggle Rock:


  4. Ali Says:

    :hearts K.

    Hearts K with sprinkles and bunnies and rainbows and *everything*.

    *begins plotting Cali move*

  5. popgun Says:

    I’m seriously impressed…


  6. Lindsey Says:

    Jitter: More than J, less than Twitter.

  7. Aaron Says:

    “The life of Jason” with a Monty Python theme
    The Super Secret Society of the Goosed Hips
    The Magical Mystery Subway Tour
    Homeless J
    This Blog Brought to you by the letter J

  8. missywilky Says:

    first of all, that was wildly entertaining and i love whoever the NY texan is.

    secondly, i agree, you need to ditch the current title. i, however, am not creative enough to contribute any suggestions. KGT’s pretty good at naming things, if you feel like soliciting her though.

  9. TexanNewYorker Says:

    J’s Long View to the Empire State:
    He may be a lover, but he ain’t no dancer.

    Livin’ on the Edge:
    Trip Hoppin’ the Mason-Dixon Line

    Too much Aerosmith? (Can there be such a thing?)

  10. roomie Says:

    Holy cow, the Mary Poppins/Fraggle Rock tie-in was splendiferous!
    Also, “you may be a lover but you ain’t no dancer” are lyrics from Helter Skelter. In what song did Aerosmith use them? I love that Aerosmith gives love to the Beatles. Legends loving legends. All you need is love.

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