Marching Into Spring

The icy death is long gone and it turns out the meteorological marmot was frustratingly correct in his prediction of a short winter.  So I guess that means it’s time for me to come out of hibernation and Spring a long overdue update on you.

I’d love to tell you that in the last several weeks I’ve been away having harrowing adventures and now I have a backlog of amazing stories to tell.  Unfortunately all I did was play pool and eat a lot of Chinese take out so that would be a lie.   I mean, that’s not all I did of course.  There were a few poker games too.

One game was on a casino cruise in international waters where I played very poorly.  It was not my fault though.  I was distracted the whole time by pretending to be a pirate and plotting to take over the ship.  I wondered where I would take my newly stolen vessel after swashing sufficient amounts of buckle and fighting off the casino staff.  With my newfound crew of salty sea gamblers and little blue-haired marauders we would ravage the seven seas in search of Dramamine and treasure chests.  Or ATM’s at the very least.

You know that old saying “If you can dream it you can achieve it.”?  In my case it’s probably for the best that’s not always true.

And finally, last weekend I made another contribution to saving the economy by purchasing the new iPad.  It’s pretty sweet if I do say so myself.  And yes, I do say so.

Y’all have a good one!

– J

2 Responses to “Marching Into Spring”

  1. TexanNewYorker Says:

    I want to steal your iPad.

  2. Popgun Says:

    Spring happened, and I’m still recovering… Want the iPad 2, but may wait to see what the iPad 3 looks like.


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