I am Blogger…

And now, Variations of a Famous Phrase.

“I am woman, hear me roar!”

Today’s phrase comes from the opening lines of the 1970 song “I am Woman”, written by Helen Reddy which quickly became an anthem for the women’s liberation movement happening around the same time.

I, being the smartass creative person that I am, insist on taking such a phrase and branching it out a bit. Surely women aren’t the only people out there who need a voice. So here are a few more unappreciated groups that I feel could potentially make use of a good battle cry.

  • I am Historian, hear me lore
  • I am Math Teacher, hear me bore
  • I am Sad, cheer me more!
  • I am Bull, hear me gore
  • I am Beggar, hear me poor
  • I am Indian Tracker, me hear floor
  • I am Rower, hear me oar
  • I am Golfer, hear me, “Fore!!”
  • I am Sheep, shear me more.
  • I am Sleeping, hear me snore
  • I am Prostitute, hear me whore
  • I am Grounded, hear me chore
  • I am Supersonic Pilot, hear me soar

This is the kind of humor that can also result from having too much Pratchett in your diet. Oh well, hopefully good for a laugh or two. Of course sharing your own empowering battle cries is encouraged. I gave up trying to find one for Texan, Blogger, New Yorker and various Star Wars characters.

– J

8 Responses to “I am Blogger…”

  1. acrobin109 Says:

    This sets a heck of a bar, J.

    Loved them! Indian Tracker and Grounded are my favorites, and you’ve got me thinking about Star Wars ones.

  2. popgun Says:

    I am your Dad, and I’m OLD, for Shore!

  3. texannewyorker Says:

    I am La Salle, hear me explore (some credit La Salle as being the first explorer to discover Texas, so this is the closest I could think of for a Texas-themed riff.)

    I am Lincoln; hear me: “Four score . . .”

    I am louder! Hear me more!

    I am Beckham, hear me score

    I am Soldier, hear my corps

    And just because it makes me laugh:

    I’m from Jersey. Where’s da shore?

  4. Texas Grandma Says:

    I am a little tea pot, see me pour

  5. Texas Grandma Says:

    I am a Dallas Cowboy, watch me score!!

  6. J Says:

    I am Chewbacca, here me HHRGGGHHRRGGGG!!!

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