Spreading the Sweetness

I’m kind of a genius.  A few years ago I discovered that if you put the sugar in before your coffee, the hot coffee will then melt the sugar and make the whole mixing process a lot easier.

Wednesday morning when making my daily cup of caffeinated wonderment, I smugly reached for my sugar packet watching the poor soul next to me add sugar to coffee that already had milk in it.  *Sigh* Some people.

Anyway, it’s time to do the flicky-flicky-flicky thing to get all the sugar in the bottom of the packet.  My favorite part.  But wouldn’t you know it there was a hole in the bottom of the packet, effectively spreading Sugar in the Raw clear to Jersey.  Seriously y’all, I think I may have found a revolutionary way to seed huge fields.

Okay, not the best way to start the workday but surely an isolated incident.  Cut to Thursday.  I’ve already forgotten yesterdays mishap and now it’s time for another cup of Jason’s Motor Skills.  Flicky-flicky-flicky AW FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD, NOT AGAIN?!?

This morning, just moments ago…  I have never so cautiously selected a packet of sugar in my life.  And I’m happy to report zero sugar spray.

Yep.  It’s going to be a good day.

Happy Friday!


2 Responses to “Spreading the Sweetness”

  1. texannewyorker Says:

    Leave it to you to find the humor in sugar packets. Good one.

  2. acrobin109 Says:

    J has sugar, hit the floor!

    Okay! Okay, I’m stopping. . .

    Your fault.

    now it’s time for another cup of Jason’s Motor Skills

    My new favorite line ever.

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