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New Hobby

March 27, 2007
I hate to be one of those obnoxious people who live in New York who talk incessantly about New York and how great New York is… but I’m from Texas and that tendency just comes natural.
My recent hobby has become the study of New York City’s history. Perhaps because the area I grew up in didn’t have much impact on the world as a whole. The study of any 10 year period in Northeast Texas history will mostly include phrases like, “I remember when they put that Wal-Mart there” and “You remember the time that cow got out and caused that bad wreck?”
Conversely, any 10 year block of time in NYC sees more significant changes and fluctuations than can easily be counted. It’s been the backdrop for more American heritage than any other place in these great United States. Architecture, engineering, politics and countless other modern institutions were developed, shaped and implemented here.
The fun for a Hillbilly Yankee such as myself is the ability to go and really touch history. For instance, not too long ago I watched a documentary on the Brooklyn Bridge. The proceeding weekend, I walked across it. I just learned through video and picture books back in grade school. Now I no longer have just a head knowledge of “that big bridge in NY”. I’ve experienced it. I’ve touched the stones that were laid there by some of the millions of immigrants that literally jumpstarted this country. And I think that’s pretty darn cool.

“History never looks like history when you are living through it.” – John W. Gardner (1912 – 2002)