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City Spots

December 17, 2008

I’m very fond of Central Park.  This is relatively common knowledge.  I know it well, particularly the southern half below the Reservoir.

Across the Bow Bridge (go to Bethesda Fountain and head Northwest) is an area known as “The Ramble“.  It’s appropriately named as it’s nothing but winding paths through hilly woods.  For months about half of it has been closed off while some kind of work was being done.  Much to my excitement this past Saturday, I found it was open again. 

If you have a chance, go check it out.  They’ve added new paths that go along the edge of the lake that give an amazing view of the city skyline as it interacts with the parks natural beauty.  I went around 4:00, just before sunset this time of year.  I recommend you do the same.  It was beautiful.  You’ll know the new sections by the fresh cement and black hand rails.

– “Rambling” J

Experiencing Nature

October 15, 2008

A peaceful fall scene.  I sit on a bench under a large tree by a pond in Central Park watching ducks do ducky things.  I enjoy the wind and sounds of children playing in the field behind me.  Above me, a sudden rustling…

I look, and directly above me a twig about a foot long rests on the branch of the tree I’m residing under.  A pretty blue bird has begun to peck at it.  He pecks at the leaves on the twig, he pokes at the twig itself, then he looks down at me.  He pecks, he pokes, he looks and continues this pattern. 

Now, it doesn’t take much intelligence to know better than to look north at the south side of a bird.  But fear not, this bird was at the other end of a long twig and I was in no danger of being birded upon.

“How neat!” I think to myself, “I’m going to sit here and watch a bird build a nest.”  A minute or two passed and eventually the bird pushed the twig from the branch and it fell just behind me.  He hopped over where the twig was, directly above me, and looked down at me.  We locked eyes.  I had a moment with nature.  It was as if this bird and I were somehow connecting. 

He then turned around, stuck his tail feathers up and dropped the biggest birdy bomb I’ve ever seen.  I narrowly avoided it by very dramatically leaping aside, much to the enjoyment of the ducks.

Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT EFFING BIRD MOVED A STICK SO HE COULD CRAP ON ME.  I swear to you, he made up his mind that he was going to take a dump on me, and then put forth the effort of moving something in his way to get a clear shot.

I believe I would have sold my soul for a pellet gun right about then.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

– J (former nature lover)

pigeon crap

January 14, 2007

Central Park

Here in front of Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, I have for my entertainment and viewing pleasure gorgeous scenery.  The fountain itself is beautiful, while the water flowing off the bronzed angels in the center creates a very calming sound.  It’s fall, early winter and the leaves on the surrounding trees are all shades of orange, red and yellow.  Children are laughing, running and playing and generally being way too cute to handle.  A goose just honked behind me to say hi.  And of course, let’s not forget the perfect breeze.  Not too warm, not too cool – just enough to lightly blow my hair and shuffle the pages of my journal.

And I’m watching the pigeons on the ground 5 feet in front of me.

The pigeons.  The street chickens of New York.  I’m watching a group of about 10 carry on what I assume is an average pigeony existence.  There must be something about this time of year that turns male pigeons on, because half this group of city-fowl have their necks all puffed out showing shiny purple and green and they’re all following a smaller lady pigeon with heads bobbing rapidly and jumping around like crazy.

The lady pigeons are cracking me up.  They couldn’t care less about this retarded mini-peacock parade.  And it’s not like a ‘playing hard to get’ care less, it’s a ‘screw you and give it up loverbird’ care less.  And tell you’re friends too.

The males?  They could care less as well about the girls’ reactions to their advances.  They came to party and that’s just what they’re gonna do.  I wish I had that kind of determination with women.  If ignored or rejected, they just turn around and start bobbing toward another one.  (Not unlike most guys in bars I guess)  I’ve always been one to take a hint pretty quick and then give up.  Of course, most of those guys that won’t give up in a bar share about the same brain processes as male pigeons: “Eat, sex, eat, run!!  Eat, sex, eat, poop, sex, eat, poop again, eat, sex, run!! Eat. . .”

However, perhaps there’s something to be learned here from the pigeons.  Don’t give up, keep going.  If you know what or who you want then let them know.  There’s not one possible question in the lady pigeon’s minds as to what the male pigeons’ intentions are.  In turn, the women are direct and obvious and don’t lie to protect the guys feelings.  I bet a guy pigeon has never had a lady pigeon look at them and say, “Let’s just be friends.”  And you know why?  Cause pigeons can’t talk.

So you go guy pigeons.  Don’t let ‘em get you down.  And thanks for the lesson in perseverance.