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Weekend Music

January 15, 2010

Hi there!

Couple of good musical opportunities for your 3 day weekend if you’re in NYC. 

First up, Sunday night Jason Webley is doing a show at Parkside Lounge.  This will be my 4th time seeing him live and I’ve never left dissapointed.

And then on Monday night Walking Upright plays The Bitter End.  These guys are a lot of fun.  They’re debuting a new album so I’m looking forward to a some new songs and some special guests.

I do so enjoy good live music.

– J

They’re F.I.N.E.

November 12, 2009

Because you can’t possibly be tired of me talking about music and concerts yet…


Joe Perry Project

November 1, 2009

And now I have added General Admission tickets to The Joe Perry Project to the remainder of my 2009 live musical list.

For those that don’t rock know, Joe Perry is the lead guitarist for Aerosmith.  In his down time he plays gigs with his band, The Joe Perry Project.  Getting within 10 feet of any member of Aerosmith is kind of an ongoing dream of mine, so this is what some might refer to as A Big Deal.

If you reside in the New York, Tri-State area and wish to see your local J squealing like a little girl during every solo, tickets are 40 bucks if you buy now.  I’ll be the guy down front having a conniption fit during Mercy.

– J


October 27, 2009

October has been pretty crazy (hence the lack of posting), but we are officially in the homestretch of Countdown.  That being the case, let’s talk about something else!

I had a very musical weekend.  Friday night, I saw my friend Jessica play an unplugged set with her band Walking Upright at Waltz, a hip little coffee shop in my neighborhood.  They put on a great show, as always.  They play regularly all over NYC, so check them out if you get a chance.

Saturday night I saw Zac Brown Band at Terminal 5.  It’s a great venue and we were right on the rail about 10 feet from the stage.  They’re touring with 3 other artists and I gained a lot of respect ZBB because they played with their opening acts, really supporting their music.  One of the them was from Tyler, Tx where I lived for a few years.  The show was about 3 1/2 hours and one of the best I’ve seen in a while. 

And on Sunday, I went to Video Games Live at the Beacon Theatre with the one and only Jon Decker.  VGL is kind of like Trans-Siberian Orchestra, only they play music from video games instead of classical music.  Aside from the full orchestra, the show also featured Youtube favorites Martin Leung (I’m pretty sure he’s a robot) and Flute Link

It made for a full weekend, but it was all great.  Music has always been very important to me and seeing it live just blows my mind.  Coming up in the next 2 months is Metallica, Luke Bryan and Cross Canadian Ragweed.  When no one was looking, country artists started playing in NYC!!  Woot!

We now return you to your semi-regular, not quite bi-weekly posting schedule.

– J

No Mosh, Por Favor

December 1, 2008

Living in NYC almost requires one to experience new things.  I have encountered many in my time here in the city but this past Tuesday night was definitely one of the craziest.

About 3 months ago I was turned on to a band by the name of Dragonforce*.  When Roomie and I heard they were coming to town we promptly bought General Admission tickets so we could be in the pit as close as possible.  We got there early and were fortunate enough to get a spot front and center, right on the rail.  This ingenious idea brought J to his first Mosh Pit. 

Simply defined, a mosh pit is the center portion of a crowd at a concert beating the hell out of one another in an effort to fight to the front closest to the performing band.

If I may use a farming simile, it’s a lot like 300 pigs trying to get at 5 tits.

Only it’s not pigs, but a herd of drunk, angry, smelly gorillas, badgers and velociraptors all wearing Vans.  Every rumor you might have heard about a mosh pit is one hundred percent true.  I got elbows jabbed into both sides, my feet were stomped on the whole time and occasionally I was forced to climb over a few people myself just to stay upright.  Suddenly from deep within me a pure animalistic rage and some kind of carnal defense mechanism kicked in and I began to cry started sucker punching people in the ribs just to keep them off me.  This was all during the first and second opening acts before Dragonforce had even taken the stage.  Once it was time for Dragonforce to begin I was relieved because surely the crowd would calm a bit and pay closer attention to the headlining act.

About the time my face was forced into an open armpit while simultaneously being kicked in the back of the head by a passing crowd surfer (no exaggeration, folks), I decided I had had enough “fun” and wanted to actually watch the band I paid money to see.  After killing three people fighting my way out of the pit (only a slight exaggeration here), I made my way to the back of the room where I finished the concert in relative peace.

I cannot in good conscience refer to myself as an educated person and still call that “fun”.  That’s fun and exciting in an “I think I’ll go stand out in the hurricane” kind of way.  Or perhaps, “Yeah, I’ll help you finish that bottle of Jägermeister”.  Or even, “Of course I’ll watch that Paulie Shore marathon with you”.  Sure it sounds fun at first, but you’re going to end up in excruciating pain and with a lot of regret the next morning.

Honestly, I enjoyed the music and performance of all three bands.  What was on stage was fantastic.  It was what happened about 10 feet away from the stage that made for a rough night.

Rock on,

* If you don’t watch the whole video, at least fast forward to 3:20 and watch a minute or two.  Yeah, I saw that LIVE.

Music, Mets and More

September 23, 2008

On a whim, last night I went along with some friends to see a little known (to me, at least) solo performer by the name of Jason Webley.  Not exactly life changing or anything, but a lot of fun and I’m really glad I got to see his show and meet him afterward.  He’s all over YouTube and has apparently been at this for quite some time.  He’s worth checking out.  Remember, accordions are just as scared of you as you are of them.

Tonight I’ll be going the Mets/Cubs game in this the last week of Shea Stadium.  This season I’ve started following baseball a little closer and it turns out I really enjoy going to games.  So much in fact, that I’ve gone in with a group of wonderful Mets fans for season tickets next year at the new Citi Field Stadium.  If anyone ever wants to go catch a game next year, well now you “know someone”.  Ever seen Fever Pitch?  Yeah, it’s a lot like that (only I doubt I’ll be going with Drew Barrymore).

And last but not least, a shameless plug.  Forefront Church life groups start next week!  I’m co-leading a Wednesday night meeting in Astoria with the fantasmazing newlyweds, Tristan and Melissa.  We’ll be reading and discussing Celebration of Discipline by Richard J Foster.  We still have space available and if you’re interested in great food and inspiring conversation in an honest and welcoming environment, then we’d love to have you.  This is a great chance to meet new people and develop some wonderful friendships.  And if all that’s not enough, there’s also a cute little dog to torment play with.  Sign up info is here.  We’re group #12.  If Astoria’s not your vibe, then check out some of the other locations and times still available.

Have a good’n,


May 21, 2008

I…  I’m speechless.

And yes, that’s who you think it is.


Preach on, Bucky

April 18, 2007
Different World – Bucky Covington
We were born to mothers who smoked and drank
Our cribs were covered in lead based paint
No child proof lids no seat belts in cars
Rode bikes with no helmets and still here we are, 
still here we are
We got daddy’s belt when we misbehaved Had three TV channels you got up to change No video games and no satellite All we had were friends and they were outside,
playin’ outside


It was a different life When we were boys and girls Not just a different time It was a different world
School always started the same every day The pledge of allegiance then someone would pray Not every kid made the team when they tried We got disappointed and that was all right, we
turned out all right

No bottled water, we drank from a garden hose And every Sunday, all the stores were closed



It was a different world
Mom, Dad & Richard - thank you for my childhood and 
all the happy memories of my youth

Blog This Way

January 11, 2007
I don’t usually do surveys, but this one was kind of fun.  Feel free to edit it for yourselves and repost.  Thanks Karen!

Choose a band/artist and answer the questions only in song TITLES by THAT band:

Are you male or female: Adam’s Apple
Describe yourself: Dream On
How do some people feel about you: Crazy
How do you feel about yourself: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
Describe your current significant other or crush: What Kind of Love Are You On?
Describe where you want to be: Back in the Saddle
Describe what you want to be: Livin’ on the Edge
Describe how you live: Jesus is On the Main Line
Describe how you love: Sweet Emotion
Share a few words of wisdom: Get a Grip