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December 4, 2009

I’m in a pretty good mood this morning.  Trains were all jacked-up getting from Queens into the city, but I managed to outsmart the MTA and got to work only 5 minutes later than usual.  Upon getting to work, the trash talk began around the office about the Giants/Dallas game this Sunday.  Sunday is also church, which has been very interesting as of late.  Last week we finished a series about pursuing your dreams.  And if those dreams came true, would God be glorified?  I think its funny how people talk about dreams.  I can say that “I’ve dreamed of being a rock star all my life” but I REALLY dream about totally random stuff.  For instance, Wednesday night I dreamed me and my roommate met Greg Kinnear at a BBQ restaurant in Montana.  And then nobody would talk to us when we tried to pay our tab (Except Greg.  Quite the chatty fellow in a dream, Greg Kinnear) so we walked out on our tab (and Greg).  I’ve never walked out on a tab before, but during my years waiting tables I’ve seen it happen many times.  I saw lots of things waiting tables.  I’ve seen a tray of drinks dropped on a woman in her Sunday best.  I once dropped a full side of ranch dressing that hit the floor and bounced with a delightful spinning effect that spread it around about half the restaurant.  I’ve never pissed off so many people so fast.  I also saw lots of good things waiting tables.  I saw new, terrified and shy teenagers turn into confident, outgoing, servers with no fear of trays of any size.  I was a server trainer and developed a sort of “Trays 101” for new servers.  Silly though it sounds, I was secretly very proud every time I saw some 100 pound girl hoist a meal for a family of 6 to her shoulder and carry it without a problem.  Knowing I had a hand in that felt good.  Makes me wonder if that’s how teachers feel all the time with their students.  Must be a rewarding job.  I’d like a rewarding job.  I don’t get a lot of personal satisfaction out my current job. I guess for the most part, I enjoy it.  I work hard and like the people I work with, but it’s not something I’m particularly proud to be a part of.  Speaking of work, I should probably get some done today…

Have a good one!

– J