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January 19, 2007

I’m on a food kick.  I love a good home cooked meal, but I also really enjoy finding a nice restaurant with little hidden talents.  I know I’ve said before how much I miss some of the food back home, but I am also quite content with the local nosh here.  Is it possible for Sonic Tater-tots and Chic-fil-a waffle fries to be replaced by Gray’s Papaya dogs and Chat n’ Chew mac & cheese?  I’ve bragged plenty of times to my friends in NY about Bodacious BBQ and Country Tavern, so maybe it’s time (after inspiration from a really cool blog) that I taunted my hometown homies with a few of my favorites here?

Smorgas Chef
2 words.  Swedish Meatballs.  These have absolutely nothing to do with spaghetti.  Oh my God, Becky.  They rock.  And that’s just the appetizer (or main course if you like).  They have an amazing Alaskan Grilled Salmon and a pretty darn tasty rack of lamb.  Remember that crazy Swedish Chef on the Muppet Show?  Yeah, he knew what he was doing.  If throwing fish and talking gibberish produce food like this, then more power to him.

Rino Trattoria
A popular lunch spot for people around Times Square.  They have a real nice lunch pri-fix.  I’ve been there twice and both times the service was very good.  I had the Lemon pepper chicken and pasta once and the Lasagna the second time. 

Chat n’ Chew
This is a fun little spot with 2 or 3 locations in the city.  My favorite is the first one I went to on Union Square.  It’s got a strictly American feel and it’s a lot of fun.  Vintage decorations everywhere and even the menu is fun to read.  And without a doubt the best mac and cheese in Manhattan.

When I miss home, I come here.  Great ribs and steak and as good a chili as you’ll ever find up here.  My soul is torn between their BBQ sauce and Bodacious’.  I may never make up my mind.  The service is always excellent too.  Yankee tested, Southerner approved.

Heartland Brewery
Many of my long day’s at work are ended here.  My favorite location is the one seen here on the corner of the Empire State Building.  They have a really good plate of Nacho’s and plenty of TV’s to watch whatever game happens to be on.  But the star of the show is their selection of home brewed beers.  They have a group they always have and seasonal brews that rotate every couple of months.  I like originality and, well, it’s the best thing I can find since I can’t get a good Shiner up here.

Grays Papaya
I couldn’t find a decent website for these guys.  In short, the best hotdogs in the city (don’t even bother with the street vendors) and for the best price.  2 dogs and a drink for less than $5.00.  “The friendly New Yorkers”

Well, I guess that’s it for my Wannabe Food Critic entry.  If you’re local and reading this and ever want to check one of these places out, give me a call.  Hey and if you know of any other great places in town, by all means drop a line.  

Love y’all