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Call the Ball

May 13, 2011

Top Gun turns 25 today.  Here are some ideas to help you celebrate:

  • Play sand volleyball and be late for a dinner date
  • Listen to “Danger Zone” on a loop all day
  • Ride a motorcycle along side an airplane
  • Buzz a tower 
  • If you don’t have an F-14 Tomcat or a tower handy, just run screaming past your bosses office.
  • Sing “She’s Lost That Loving Feeling” to a complete stranger
  • Hit the brakes (they’ll fly right by)
  • Insist everyone call you by your made up handle
  • See a MiG 28 do a 4G negative dive…  inverted.
  • Take someone to bed or lose them forever
  • Let your ego write checks your body can’t cash
  • Practice your overhead and then behind the back high-fives with a friend

And I guess watching Top Gun isn’t a bad idea either.  Happy Friday everyone!

– J (flies below the hard deck)