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December 19, 2009

Air travel. It has shrunk our world, sped it up, spread us out and given an inexhaustible supply of material to comedians.

Sometimes when I see a plane in the sky I like to take a moment and remind myself that what I’m really seeing is a giant piece of metal giving gravity a 30,000 foot middle finger. It’s an amazing act of physics that is just part of our daily lives.

First time I flew I was 18 making my first trip to New York City to be part of one of those tourist groups I’d (unknowingly) someday need to step around on my lunch break. I loved takeoff and landing and I’m pretty sure I kept my barf bag as a souvenir*.

Now I fly two or three times a year on average. The traditional holiday travel which I’m enduring right now (seat 13F, to be exact), Dragon-con in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend, and usually another trip to Texas sometime during the year. The excitement of air travel faded somewhere over Tennessee in 2002 while I was wedged in the back right corner of a plane between a curved wall and an enormous snoring man who seemed to believe bathing was something that only happened to other people.

It’s all changing of course. I think part of Al Qaeda’s master plot was to slowly drive Americans mad with all the new regulations they knew would be implemented at airports. And because of the current price gouging economy, airlines charge more for luggage these days, but still lose it for free. Nice to see some things won’t ever change.

Happy travels, bloggers.

* they’re not called barf bags anymore. I think it’s something like Air Travel Discomfort Recepticals

almost home

December 28, 2006

Places I want to eat while I’m in TX:Chick-fil-a, Sonic, Texas Roadhouse, Bodacious BBQ, Buffalo Wild Wings (if it’s open), IHOP and perhaps I may stop by “the Patch” and see who’s there.

I’m going to be very full…

In other news, I got a new coat today. Hopefully this will appease all the ladies in the office that have been hounding me because I don’t dress warm enough. Why do I get informally adopted everywhere I go?

In other other news, I think I’m going to learn Italian. It’s way more fun than Spanish and the food is better for you.

Felice Anno Nuovo!