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Counting Down

October 27, 2010

Been a wild couple of months.  We’re leaning into the last turn of the last lap of Countdown.  The pressure and G forces are becoming such that sentences coherent are hard to becoming form.

Since all our billing is done, us billers get sent out in greedy little waves all over the tri-state area to pick up checks from clients.

A lot like this, but the monkeys are in business casual dress.

Running around the city is something I do for fun anyway, so I really don’t mind except when it’s raining (which it always seems to do the last week of October).  Occasionally they’ll send us so far out it requires a car.  These are the checks we fight amongst ourselves for because getting paid to ride in a car is pretty sweet.

Anywho, almost done, and then life returns to “normal”.  I’m taking some vacation and seeing what kind of trouble I can get into.  Hopefully I’ll end up with some good stories for this neglected little corner of the internet.

Have a good one!

– J

The Bear That Wasn’t

August 27, 2009

When I started my job I was so excited and anxious to do the very best I possibly could.  This was my first office job.  Even the fact I had a desk was exciting to me.

I’m approaching 3 years here and it’s amazing how much I’ve assimilated.  I enjoy what I do and the people I work with are great, but there are days I really feel the pressure an office environment puts on a person.  Sometimes it’s like the “system” can suck the life out of you.  It can smother your personality and make you just another drone if you let it.  Dress this way, talk this way, send this memo, update this spreadsheet…

I was thinking about this today and remembered this cartoon.  It’s 10 minutes long, but has a good message.  And it’s kind of how I’ve felt lately.

Also, take a minute to appreciate Chuck Jones and the era of cartoons this came from.  They literally don’t make them like that anymore.

– J

An Update

August 27, 2009

“So J, what are you up to?”

Well, at work we’ve entered a period in the legal billing profession our firm calls Countdown.   Our fiscal year end is October 31st and the months leading up to it are full of deadlines, meetings, overtime and profanity the likes of which Joe Pesci might shout if he stubbed his toe.  The goal of countdown is to get as many bills sent out and paid as possible before the year end.   This will be my third countdown and the craziest yet.  I’ve accumulated a lot more responsibility since last year, plus trying to squeeze money out of clients in the current economy is like trying to get a decent movie out of the Wayan’s Brothers.  Hope all you want, it’s just not likely to happen.

Also, life groups will be starting up at church again soon.  I’ve taken the summer off and it’s been wonderful having an open schedule, but I did find myself missing it.  I’m going back to a group in Astoria I was part of a while back and looking forward to reconnecting with some friends and hopefully making a few more.

In the more immediate future, I’m going to see Inglorious Basterds tonight.  If I enjoy it (or hate it) enough then I might subject y’all to a review.  And this weekend there’s rumor of a poker game Friday night and Saturday I’m going to a BBQ out in Long Island.  There will be grilled shrimp, at which point there will also be a happy J.

“So J, why are you sharing your schedule with us?”

Because you asked, silly.

– J

Stair Wars

May 29, 2008

As a member of our office’s Safety Team I not only get a snappy neon orange vest, glow sticks, food rations & a dorky bright red hat;  I also get the privilege of taking the stairs once every few months from my office (on the 27th floor) down to the lobby.  For, you know, practice and familiarity in case of emergencies. 

Tomorrow at 4:30 we’ll be doing a mass evacuation of the entire office.  It’s the first time this size evacuation has ever been practiced in our building.  Imagine if you will a narrow stair well and hundreds of out of shape secretaries, lawyers, and similar schlepping down at the same time.  It promises to be a grand ol’ time, let me tell you.  My job (which desperately needs a new name) is the Male Searcher.  True story.  It is my responsibility to check all the men’s restrooms on our floor in the event of an emergency to tell them (mid-business, mind you) to wrap it up and head to the stairs.  Since this is not going to be an actual emergency, I will require them (by the authority vested in me by my bright red hat) to wash their hands first.

Twenty-seven floors later, we will head to a designated meeting spot a few blocks away to find out how long it took for everyone to go home instead of coming to the designated meeting spot. 

And then the NEXT day, I’ll help move a couch and other furniture down 5 flights of stairs.  Not complaining, mind you, just mentally preparing. 

Y’all pray for me this weekend (or just send me some Advil).